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    ~ Design Exhibition |Brussels| 2021
       For Obsidian Gallery
    ︎︎︎Catalog: The XYZ - Obsidian Gallery

    ~ House + Workshop Remodeling |Mechelen| 2021
    ︎︎︎ Social Media: Instagram

    ~ Factory + Warehouse |Antwerp| 2020

      In collaboration with Fallow
    ︎︎︎Social Media: Instagram


    ~ Webshop Art Direction 2020

Silent Exhibition

    ~ Furniture Exhibition |Brussels| 2020
    ︎︎︎Catalog: Silent Exhibition - Obsidian Gallery
   ︎︎︎Viewing Room: Obsidian Gallery

Object-m.g 4

    ~ Chair 2020

Obsidian Gallery 
    ~ Art Gallery |Brussels| 2020
    ︎︎︎Article: Divisare, Archdaily, The Best New Architects

Rock Paper Spline
    ~ Pavilion Competition |New York| 2019
        In collaboration with Barbara Pomilio

Object-m.g 2 ~ Low Chair 2019

    ~ Apartment Renovation |Mechelen| 2019
    ︎︎︎Article: Archdaily, Feeling Wonen, Leibal, Archello
    ~ House Remodeling |Brussels| 2018
    ︎︎︎Social Media: Instagram

    ~ Art Installation |Buenos Aires| 2018

        For Art Basel Cities - Maurizio Cattelan           
    ︎︎︎Article: Clarin, Expertos En Arte

midnight green 

is a practice-based design studio working in between the fields of architecture, art and design. The office does not set any limits on the type of projects they work on, but rather focus on the approach and process. The office strives to be closely involved with the production process of their projects, changing the nature and outcomes of their designs.

Azul Klix
Buenos Aires, AR
P.D. Architecture, Universidad de Buenos Aires, AR
M.S. Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University, US

Azul graduated with an architectural degree from the University of Buenos Aires, and a masters degree in Advanced Architecture from Columbia University, for which she was granted a Dean Scholarship. Azul has previously worked for Ana Smud as well as Grimaldi Nacht in Buenos Aires, and POLO Architects in Brussels. Motivated by curiosity, she is interested in the intersection of architecture, art, design, fashion and the creative world. She believes in a cross pollination between fields, influences and work methods. Together with Nicolas Borgerhoff, Azul founded midnight green.

Nicolas Borgerhoff
Brussels, BE
M.Sc. Architecture, KU Leuven, BE

Graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture at the University of Leuven, Belgium. Nicolas has experience working in a wide range of facets connected to our build environment. After graduating, Nicolas has worked for the Urban Design Forum in New York, Socle in New York and Bam! Arquitectura in Buenos Aires. Together with Azul Klix, Nicolas founded midnight green.